hello loveers :)

sorry, i ve been lazy. :/ yeaah. have alot going on and to rant about.
Hold on k, i ll be back.
Hang in theree <3


I ve been browsing through facebook, and i see people having so much fun after PMR.
I feel so antisocial laa, like, HELLO. I ve been like ,um home for probably a month already without stepping out to somewhere fun with the kawans la :(




"when im with you, i ll make every second count,
'cos i miss you, whenever you're not around"

Hahh :/
So, i ve been away pretty long :)
Um, yes, i ve been great if you wanted to know.
Hm, its been too long, but yeah. I ll breif you thru on whats going on okay? ;)
Er, yeaah. Been going parks in the morning as usuaaals.
Went for coach's Sultan Cup game, and it was hell yess awesome :D
And Nadhiraaah's open house party like last saturday?
Was mhm, just sweeet. I likee ;)
ALSO, i had another party that night, but yeaah. Went to coach's game instead to teman my hunnay sujean. So, i had to choose between the party and the game like BOYFRIEND or BESTFRIEND :(
Grr :/
Anyhows,Im still ingto baking. YAYY! :)
Baked some really good(?) banana muffins!
& we even went around delivering our cute muffins to sweet people ;)
And somewhere between last week or so, skipped school and ran over to Kenneth's place!
YESS, I LOVE HIS HOUSE, i wanna live there :/
Um, so we hanged around the game room or family place lah. Guys play PS2, and girls were playing happy family ;D
How cute!
& one of the daaays, went to Chel's house for Nightmare on Elm's street with cheewei, jeanjean,& mun!
Pffft, not as great as i expected it to be. But yeaah, i just love spending time with them ;D
Had maggicups together and stuffs, then to her new renovated room. Played cluedo, SUPERRR FUN okay! :p
& im so eager to share thissss!
Met some super tall girl at the sultan cup thingy, HELL, she is like 190cm++?
She makes everyone feel so SHORT! :(
Fine, im being random. bye :(

Hello , you are loved :)

Didn't you know the best things in life are free?
- Love
- Peace

hii, look at my small eyes.
I think its karma from me using to tease sepet people :/
Anyways, whats up? :)
I've been having a reaaly good time.
Lets start with saturday?
So yeah, party that night was really good actually. I mean, minus the slight drizzle it was probably one hell of a party ;) Plus, i was with my primary mates & also my gedikbum!
Its kinda hard to elaborate but, cyeaah, i would go for it again if i had the chance ;)
Oh, and i got candy tooo after that, hihihi! :D
As usual, got up kinda latee. then parents brought me to PAWS for puppy hunting!
So do y0u know what that means?
YES, im getting a puppy sooon! at least sooon, i hope? :D
Oh, then head off to 1utamaaaaa!
Daddy spent stuffs for me and mommy for our baking materials. :)
New oven and stuffies, how excitingggg 8D
Mondaay, i went to schoool!
Play ball till like 12 plus? SUNBURN LIKE CRAP LAH :/
But, what to do, favourite sport what. Love needs sacrifice :)
& i was like PFFFT all afternoon till i decided to try out the new over and i baked yummy cookies, YUMMM! :)
Evening walk with my Amelia and we talked about craaaaps.
How epic lah ;p
Next daay,i went to school, AGAIN.
how suprising :p But yeaahm it rained so couldnt play ball at first, so me and ding went walking around helping edboard stuffs.
HAHHAA, we had something to laugh about like madcows that day :p
Hihihi, inside joke!
Rained stopped in awhile, then continue balling! :)
Oh, did i told you i got rammed by Ben? :/
Yes, nose couldnt breathe for a moment then blackoutish and im fine again :p
How cooool right? :D
Fiona chased us from the court so we ran out of schoool like bad kids, mwahaha!
Went park to play awhile then lunched with my girlys!
I got dragged by the 3 idiotos to the mamak again, and they raid my phone, WTF?
Yes, im still mad at you three. Talk about privacy man DUDEES -,-
Afternoon with Janesh & amelia!
Watched alvin and the chipmunks2! SO ADORABLEEE!
& today?
I got up late but still joined the rest for my favourite sporrrt, basketball :)
Lunch with them then home! Showered and my sayang came over!
We baked yummylicious chewy cookies :D anyone up for it? :D
I know i talk too much, you dont have to point that out. I know :(
I ll go now, TAAAAS!

So adorable, yes? :D

Not having a very good morning, i mean like PFFFFFFT -.-
I woke up so blooooodey early get changed and stuffs then no training?
but so yeah, whatevs. Cant go back to sleep, so im here. YAYY.

Do you remember the nights we stay up just laughing, talking for hours?

HULLOW, missed me? :D
Yeaah, i know. my blog's been pretty empty right, like words words & more words :O
So, shall fill your heart up with some pictures today :)

Penang Trip with Cheryl ;)


Siamese temple :)
Prangin mall

Say hi to herrrr! :)

So today?
Woke up late for jogging, so yeaah. Mpsj with my loves, then taipan for shaved ice!
GRR, craving for some AGAIN. :/
Then hang awhile and berjakun and played awhile then back to Melia's place just before meeting :)
Lunch with sisters, then home :)
On the phone, just out for cycling, hihihi. i know im a boring person, SORRY :(

But,btwss. Check my loveeely kawan blog out pls? :)
she is selling some REALLY pretty accesories. Handmade with love laa, support okays? :)
You can look it out here : http://beads-andpiecess.blogspot.com/
& Halloween party tmr with my ex school mates? AWWW, i cant waaait! :)

Oh okaays, i ve got not much to saaay. im sleepy and its late & i have freaaaaking training tmr morning, YAY.
FML :( Goodnighttttt!

Hi you :)
Yeah, you make me so happy.

i just love updating my blog, i know. I love talking, so yeaah. I'll do my part of sharing okay?
Since sharing IS caring , right?
So tell me, im caring! :)

So, class party was like um, yesterdaay?
Mhmm, it was nicee. Yup, awesome to actually see ALMOST the whole clas seat together eating a nice meal and stuffs :) Soyeaah.
Eateateat, YUMS! Then cakee! aww, it looks so pretty, vbut yknow lah, people like us just BOOM, attack the pretty little thingy :(
but it did taste good though, YAYY!
Done, so we did Casey's favourite hobby, looking at thew skating rink, laughing at everyone that falls, HAHHAA.
So, got bored after awhile, so went jalan with my sayang. :)
Hihhi, bonding lah k, plus, WE' RE GOING PUBLIC WHATTT.
Pyramid got us bored already, so we went to the arcade!
& we did Casey's second favourite thingg, some para-para dance thingy :p
HAHAHA, emberassing shiz when we notice the guys were staring at us. -.-
Played a few more stuffs. then yeaah, gotta chao :(
Reached back, rang up my hunnay, and so we met up for jogging!
Guess who were we talking about, HMM >:)
So yeaah, met my sister halfway, then we had to go seperate ways :/

OKAY, and what happened to me for the pass few days then?
Saturdaaay, T-T-TRAINING!
Yeaah, so it was fun, but we are all so worn out. CRAP -.-
Need to train harder, PLEASE.
Sundaay, out with kawans :)
SO it went like Shopping then movie, food, then shopping, & movie again!
NICE? :D hahaha. got myself some pretty nice stuufies.
& the movie RED was gooood , i'll say :)
But, PLEASE, for whoeverthehell's sake, DO NOT WATCH BURIED.
Stupid show that puts you perfectly to bed.
Next, Mondaaay!
Supposedly jogging with Sayang Melia.
But yeaah, we got there and we sat down and talktalktalk. & we complained bout how hot it was -.-
Then, we decided to walk STAIRS. Ohmygod, we did like 5 sets, and we felt like dying already :p
HAHA. We head off to Taipan for shaved ice then, MMM. Taste soooo gooood :/
Went back and off to her place for a short while to do some stalking job, and went home to get ready for meeeeeting!
Wait for Hunnay, then walked together to school :)
After thaaat, LUNCH! Then back to my place.
Spent time by talking and stalking stuffs :p HAHA.
Hm, Tuesday?
Went to school, YES SUPRISING.
Spent my whole time at the favourite place of the school.
Played game, F3s vs. F5s
mhmm, Enjoyable gamee , though i scored shits and played like CRAAAP -.-
Then, bout recess time, sneaked out the school & pergi mamak lahh ;P
Breakfast together like one whole big family, then headed home! :)
Slept my day off then, yeaaah.

So thats about itt?
MM, i see no point in this. but yeah, pretty fun to rant over stuffs yknow?
Its like playing a memory game, like seeing how much you remember about stuffs that happened just days ago. HAHA, so HELL YEAH, this is a healthy thing! :)

OKAAAYS, so its late and pretty girls need to sleep too sustain the prettyness you know?
So yeah, you get the point right? I need to go to bed & return Mr.Pang's laptop.
Alright, Kthxbye :D


YES, holidays are working out for me!
hm, so shall rant about Malacca? :)

Oh, i know im abit late but yeaah. count on my PERFECT memory lah k for this update, HIHI.
So, started the bus ride and stuffs, sat down listen music slept off.
Got bugged, woke up and went bugging other people.
See the circle of Karma? :D
Hahha, so. Spent the rest of the trip playing Indian Poker, HAHHA.
HELL, my friends are awesome liars and im terribly GULLIBLE :(
So, reach there blablabla, went to museums and art places, PFFT :p
Then walked about, and to some HUGE SHIP.
Done & done, then LUNCHHHH!
Went for chicken rice ball, YUMMM! :)
Then shopshopshop, tired.
& CHENDOLLLL! Shop again, till we were drop dead tired, then waited by the river bank place staring at the cruises pass by.
& GUESS WHAAAT? We all stand all in a row and bow down to the tourist saying "HAI" , pretending to be Japan Tourist, AHHAHA.
After thaat, met up with the rest to go up to some fort place to see some artifact stuffs, and listen to some uncle that could sing REAAALLY well, and we just sat around listening to him. AWW :)
Later, some museum. & off to cruise! It was pretty fun lah :D Esspecially with pretty people kannsss! <3
went to some mall for some snacks and stuff, then byebye malacca :(
Bus ride home, started off everyone was just bummed out cos we were all deaad tired. then, someone started the gang to talk about ghost stories. -.-
HAHA, so everyone CRASHED to back of the bus, crowd around, close all the blinds & the story begins >:D
Mukhesh was REAL GOOD at freaking people out. HELL MAAAN. :/
Zac was just dumbbb, but scared the hell outta us man -.- HAHA.
And, after awhile. got bored and i didnt notice i fell asleep on Gavin & Mukhesh's leg.
Reached back to school at 9? Then home sweeet home!
Came back showered, laze around then POOOF, slept like a pigggy :p

Hmm, hmm. So how was that? :)
Told you im good at writting whole lotta shits :p
Have fun readinggg, if you even survived till its here, HAHA.
Oh, btwaays. no pictures, sorry lah, im lazyy :(

Ohkaaays. enough for now!
bigbigloves, you!

hey loves! :)

Been missing me? Hihi :p
Mm, Malacca trip was so-the-bombbbbb ;)
& im heading for Penang tmr, wheehee!
Cuti-cuti malaysia la, OKAY!

SO, yeaah. i need my sleep. i ll be back sooon :)

Hello cyberworld! :)

Oh, i have been having great time this holidays, but i still feel the PMR stress.
It doesnt seem like its over, FML! :O
School was, so & so. & we had some personality text shitts to waste time again, so yeaah.
The test doesnt work okay! :( They think im a parent-ish person! Gr :/
After break, we had streaming shizz. Boring like, PFFFFT!

So, hihihi!
Tmr Leo Farewell Party hoping it ll be REAAAAAALY great and stuffs, cos im actually skipping a badminton session for it ;)
But Leo spirit la, ROAAAR! :D
Malacca trip next tuesday, EXCITEDDDDD 8D
But that actually means, IM NOT GOING PARAMORE, the hell? :(
FML, I hate making choices like thaaat.

ANYWAYS, gotta go ! ;)
PLEASE pray for my post to be more fun next, im not being happening enough :(
Big loves! :D

Boink boink, hi!

Im happy, are you? Haha, joking. Im not. Pfft.

So,It feels like the holidays.
Have been going out for balling like usual, whee!
the Fourians girls still staying strong la, babyh :) beat the boys like in 2 games? HAHA. In your faces! :p

And, did i mention i spent one whole splendid afternoon with my baby over at my house then hers. Oh, Wtf. Laughed like mad pigs all day :p
I miss you already baby :')

Once again, someone bring out please? Update soonie again!
I lalala love you :)